The Lost World

Based on the novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Starring Entire Cast:
Roxann Dawson (Professor Summerlee)
John de Lancie (Lord John Roxton)
Richard Doyle (Illingworth, Constable, Ape King, others)
Marnie Mosiman (Gladys Hungerton)
Leonard Nimoy (Angus McArdle)
Ethan Phillips (Copy Boy, Meldrum, Chief, others)
Dwight Schultz (Edward Dunn Malone)
Armin Shimerman (Professor George Edward Challenger)

Directed by Leonard Nimoy
Script by Nat Segaloff & John de Lancie
Music composed and performed by Peter Erskine
Music recorded at Puck Productions, Santa Monica, CA
®1997 Ersko Music
Post-production supervisor David Brow
Production sound design by David Brow/Soundzone
Production audio assistants Tom Bennett and Diane Brow
Stage Manager Mary Valente
Foley Artist Michael Spierer
Post-production Supervisor Jeff Howell
Post-production Engineer Gina Gutierrez
Produced by Alien Voices, Inc. for Simon & Schuster Audio
1997 Alien Voices, Inc.

By arrangement with the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. "The Professor Challenger characters were created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and appear in novels and stories by him. Use of the characters in this work by arrangement with Dame Jean Conan Doyle.

Book published: 1912 (was serialized in 1911 in Strand's Magazine)
Two famous movie versions:
(1925, silent) with Wallace Beery and Lewis Milestone, featuring animated dinosaurs by Willis O'Brien
(1960) with Claude Rains, Jill St. John, Michael Rennie Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: 1859-1930

Nana Visitor

Nana Visitor

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Lost World

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Armin and Dwight

Armin Shimerman and Dwight Schultz

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Robert and Jerry

Robert Ellenstein and Jerry Hardin

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