The First Men In The Moon

Alien Voices Title

Alien Voice Title

an Alien Voices Production

Alien Voices, The First Men In The Moon!

Leonard and John


John deLancie as Q


Leonard and John getting ready!


Remember John de Lancie as "Q" in Star Trek

Leonard, Nat and John

John de Lancie

Leonard, Nat and John discuss the production

John de Lancie rehearsing his lines


Ethan Pillips

Dwilight Schultz

Actor Ethan Phillips plays Neelix.

Dwight Schultz plays Barclay.

Jack Fletcher, director

Nat, H.G. Wells book


Jack Fletcher, Director


Nat, "We took H.G. Wells' book and turned it into a script."

Dwilight and John

John and Leonard laughing after blowing a line.

I wouldn't have believed it myself.

Foli Artists

John deLancie

Foli artist doing sound effects.

As I sat on my front porch late one afternoon.

John and Leonard


Hello Sir!


John Leonard


I invent things!

The photochemical reaction

John antigravity?

Perhaps I would!

An antigravity machine

Ethan Phillips and Leonard

Light as it bounces through glass

My discovery will be called Calvenight!

John and a vortex

John and Leonard, Go to moon

A giant vortex above the shop

To go to the moon!

John to the Moon, Leonard

John moon vessle

To the moon, the pale face moon.

For our moon vessel.

Ethan Phillips and Leonard

John. Leonard and Ethan

How do you propose to go to the moon?

A man in the moon

John and Leonard taking off

John , stop buzzing Leonard

We're taking off tonight.

As long as it stops your buzzing, I'm for it!

John and Leonard it the moon

John and Leonard

It's the moon!

a moon cow

Look Bedford!

Moon cow is a delicacy.

William Shatner


Grand Lunar, Welcome to the moon. (William Shatner)

Be discreet!

William Shatner


We need no clothing.

Oh God! Advance their plans!

All take bows

I fear we will not have long to wait!

They all take well deserved bows!


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