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"The Lost World"

Alien Voices' Live Presentation

People have never seen this before on television.

The point is to spark the imagination.

Dwight Schultz rehearsing: My God! Dinosaurs!

The adventure begins!

In the search of "The Lost World"

We have Malone's next story!

How did you bewitch me into paying for this?

It's about a girl isn't it?

You are a moron!

I am Professor Summerly!

Lord John Roxton!

Ban me from my own expedition! How dare you?

Actually I can!

Anything, anything is possible!

Once we sail, there's no turning back!

(Foley artists at work making sounds)

The man I want is an adventurer.

There are many things women can do without getting winded.

Extra! Extra! Lost World expedition feared lost!

Alright laddy, I knew you could do it!

(Foley artists fill the stage with sound)

Extra! Expedition finds Lost World!

There can't be much doubt how he met his death.

We are being paid a visit.

(Foley artist making flapping noises)

Give me a clean shot!

Fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

Ok everyone, stand back, stand back!

What have you done? You cut us off!

Hand me my rifle!

(Marnie on the hunt helping Foley artists)

My God! You killed him!

(Foley artist add bird noises!)

Footprint of a Stegosaurus.

And what we saw next was truly amazing.

I want to take one (Dinosaur) back with me!

We are not the only humans in The Lost World!

I got away from the Ape men.

The Ape men were working themselves into a frenzy.

Don't call it anything until we get back.

We made it back to England!

Tonight, history will be written.

My Pterodactyl is gone! It's gone!

Here is to all of us who went to The Lost World and came back!

"The Lost World" was a LIVE presentation on the Sci-Fi Channel July 12, 1998. We enjoy doing these live dramatic presentations for you!

"These are movies for the mind!"

John de Lancie

Diamonds, emeralds and rubies!


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