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Alien Voices' "The Lost World"

Alien Voices' "The Lost World"

Dinosaurs, The very word evokes nightmares!

People have never seen this before on television.

John rehearsing: "We're under attack!"

The point is to spark the imagination.

Dwight Schultz rehearsing: My God! Dinosaurs!

Foley artists really are the stars of the show.

Foley artists in action!

A Flying Pterodactyl !

It is contagious!

John cutting up. We'll get you another one! (dinosaur)

It is a big relief that the audience knows that we are enjoying ourselves.

The adventure begins!

"The Lost World" (Title)

In the search of "The Lost World"

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

The rapids! Look out! We can't make it!

We have Malone's next story!

How did you bewitch me into paying for this?

It's about a girl isn't it?

As we climb the evolutionary ladder

You are a moron!

They do exist!

How do you account for this?

I am Professor Summerly!

Lord John Roxton!

The official expedition!

Ban me from my own expedition! How dare you?

Can you imagine Miss Summerly in a close call?

Actually I can!

Anything, anything is possible!

Once we sail, there's no turning back!

(Foley artists at work making sounds)

(More Foley artist making sounds)

(Musical artists at work)

You bring me The Lost World!

Things are so much nicer as they are!

The man I want is an adventurer.

Goodbye Ned. Goodbye Gladys.

Roxton has engaged a local guide, Gomez.

It's time to see the map Lord John.

Professor Challenger surprises us by joining the expedition.

There are many things women can do without getting winded.

(It is the foley artist at the rapids)

Extra! Extra! Lost World expedition feared lost!

There it is, Challenger's Lost World!

Alright laddy, I knew you could do it!

(Foley artists fill the stage with sound)